God Seekers

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God Seekers

My daughter loves to run cross country. And while I do not love to run cross country, I do love my daughter!

One day this summer, Emily asked me to go to a park close by where her team often runs their meets. She told me we could walk the path.  I would not have to run, so I agreed.

As we started on our walk, I noticed that while the grass was high all around me and while there were tall bushes and trees scattered on the edge of the path, the path itself was unmistakingly clear. It was easy to spot. 

It was easy to spot because it had been well worn. While there was evidence of grass trying to grow on the path, its growth had been stunted because it had been trampled down, because it had been frequented, because the path had been beaten down.

In 2 Chronicles 17:4 King Jehoshophat of Judah is described as a man who ‘sought the God of his father’.

King Jehoshophat was a GOD SEEKER.

One of the definitions of the word seek used here in Hebrew is ‘to tread or trample, trudge the path under foot, to frequent, to beat the path to…specifically for worship.’

King Jehoshophat was one who tread a path to God. He frequented the path. He had beaten down a path to spend time with God, specifically for worship.

We are all seekers. We are all treading a path, frequenting a path. And that path always leads to the thing we worship.   When trouble comes, we all have a default mode, we all go back to the path we have tread, to what we have sought after. That path becomes our go to.

When King Jehoshophat was up against the enemy a few chapters later, he knew what to do. Even though he was alarmed, King Jehoshophat sought the Lord. He tread, trampled, beat a path to his God, specifically for worship. It was who he was. He went back to the well worn path.

As God Seekers, women who are daily beating down a path seeking God, when the enemy comes up against us, we go back to THAT place. We seek Him. It’s just what we do. We find He is always faithful. And it always leads to worship.

Well worn paths are easy to spot. May our well worn path always be the path that leads to Him!



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