About the Author // Laura Piraino

Mark 9:15 When the crowd saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with awe, and they ran to greet him.

Overwhelmed…my favorite word! It’s a word that really describes the fact that my God is completely indescribable.  That is why I am writing.  Because I am overwhelmed by the grace and mercy and love of this indescribable God.

Saying that I am overwhelmed by God…it’s everyday. I am constantly overwhelmed by everything that He does, everything that He speaks. Every time I see Him orchestrating my circumstances, all I can say is ‘overwhelmed…’

And the picture at the top of this screen is where it all began. In 2010, in a place of brokenness and confusion, God was asking me to give one more thing over to Him. And I was resisting, big time. It was on these rocking chairs that my good friend and pastor shared with me the thought that changed my direction. He said, ‘You will never know what God wants to do with your life if you don’t let go of what you are holding onto and see what He has for you next.’

That day I let go of my plans for my life and I surrendered to His. And I have never looked back. I will follow Jesus wherever He leads, even if it is way bigger than me, which it usually is, even if it leaves me shaking in my shoes, which it usually does, I will follow Christ.

In 2014 a hurricane destroyed the rocking chairs, the railing, even the trees in the distance, but the passion God put in my heart that day on those chairs has only grown and the wind and waves in life have only made it stronger.

My prayer is that like the crowd in Mark 9:15, we will see Jesus in the pages of His Word and in the pages of our lives…that we will be overwhelmed by all that He is and we will run to Him!  You never know what God will do with your life when you run to Him!

God, I am overwhelmed by You!

Laura Piraino